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Online Softball Pitching lessons

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Individual Programs

Learn to pitch

Are you a brand new pitcher with little to no experience? This program is designed to jump start your pitching mechanics and get you throwing strikes in 8 weeks or less. 

  • Detailed daily guides for 8 weeks. 
  • Printable workbook to stay on track. 
  • The workout program provided for even faster results. 

Accuracy begins with consistent leg drive mechanics.

  • Follow our four week leg drive program
  • Focus on developing a great leg drive
  • See improvements in control and stamina after completing this program. 

Excellent resources if you are new to strength training for young athletes.

  • Hip mobility programs
  • Glute Activation
  • Full body Softball Specific workout
Advanced Softball Pitching Mechanics

The Advanced Pitching Mechanics Course serves as our Transition to Rotational Program. This is a 12 week course that covers how to properly use rotational movements and 4-week velocity program. 

  • Learn about every phase of the pitching motion using natural movement. 
  • Transition completely in 8 weeks
  • Solidify movements in 4-week velocity program. 
Internal Rotation

Proper mechanics require the legs (hips) to influence arm speed. This course focuses on the hip's role in the pitching motion. I added the Change Up Program as well. In order to have a great change up, the hips have to create arm speed. 

  • Detailed hip position explanations
  • Check your progress by gauging your success by throwing change ups
  • By the end of this program, expect an awesome change up with great fastball movement.
Hitting Spots

In game strategies and approach to give your team a chance to win every game you pitch.

  • How to hit spots correctly.
  • Pitching charts and pitch planner
  • Pre and post-game mental evaluations. 
Movement Pitches

Access all the movement pitches in this one course. Curveball, drop, drop curve, rise, screwball. 

  • Works best with internal rotational mechanics.
  • Learn the most common mistakes with adjustments
  • All pitches work off of tunneling all the releases to look the same to the batter for higher success rates.
Arm Whip and front side resistance

Comming Soon

This is our elite level control class where we utilize the Lokator Target to develop high level accuracy. 

  • Reduce pitch counts
  • Develop strike out locations
  • Learn to locate movement pitches 

This six-week program works on strategies that develop focus for pitchers. 

  • Combination of videos and worksheets
  • Retrain your thinking process about how to approach batters. 
  • Develops high level mindset that will work beyond your athletic career. 

Sharing the high level techniques that repeatedly gets softball pitchers above 1200 rpms. 

  • D1 college softball average RPM is 1200. 
  • Based off of four years of experience utilizing Rapsodo technology for hundreds of baseball and softball pitchers. 
  • Best utilized with internal rotational pitching mechanics. 

Pre-season four week ramp up for games. 

  • Start dialing in the strike zone
  • Learn how to make batters swing. 
  • Mind-set strategies to help you win more games. 

This program is designed to teach you how to make all of your motions flow together using biomechanical principals. 

  • Great for all pitching styles
  • Break through speed plateaues 
  • Improve game stamina


This is the premier certification for developing systems and a business around your pitching instruction. Mechanics are based on the internal rotation, rotational, natural biomechanical motion. 

  • Detailed explanation of the 16 Step PEAK model for developing and progressing pitchers. 
  • Develop a business around your lessons. 
  • Detailed instruction provided for the physiology and development of youth athletes and how to structure safe programs.

The Level II Certification Program includes direct mentorship with Courtney. Only open during specific times of year. This is a six-month commitment and application based. 

  • Access to every program to use with your students
  • Be part of the research and studying of advanced pitching techniques
  • Access a second opinion with your current students and team effort to correct movement patterns. 

Not a pitching coach, but heavily involved in developing youth athletes in softball or any other sport? This 16 step system can be used for developing baseball hitters to skate board instruction. 

  • Learn the PEAK Model and how to use it for your specific sport
  • Learn how to develop year-around training programs for youth athletes that consider their growing bodies. 
  • Learn the best business practices and legal matters involved with training youth athletes.